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сегодня: 18/03/2019

CSR 1 fantasy football draft results

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CSR 1 fantasy football draft results
The CSR 1 fantasy
football league had its draft last night and the Yahoo Sports automated
evaluation tool gave me a B-. Of course Cheap
Ryan Kalil Jersey
, these evaluation reports are tongue in cheek (I
hope anyway) but hell, we read them anyway. They usually have a couple good
lines.I had the 6th pick which is a crap spot really. The top 5 players were off
the board and so I rolled the dice with the rookie Barkley. I think he will be
elite...at first, but then the league will adjust, stack the box and make Eli
Manning beat them. Unless Barkley is just a bad ass, which I think he might.Hell
my entire draft was a series of dice rolls and following the advice of my draft
assistant. There were a few places where I didn’t go with the top player on the
board and instead went with my gut. We will see which was better. So honestly I
give myself a C for this draft. Here’s my entire draft round by round. My first
mistake was in round three. I should have went wide receiver or quarterback with
the third and fourth picks and then grabbed Jimmy Graham in the fifth round. He
was there and I knew then I had misfired. I went with the highest guy on my
board but I really don’t like Ertz until Carson Wentz comes back. Speaking of
Wentz, for some reason I couldn’t pull the trigger at quarterback. So I went
with Wentz in the seventh round, could be a steal really.I never wait that long
and I may have made a mistake doing it. It all depends on Wentz getting healthy.
I don’t feel like I have any guaranteed elite players at wide receiver, which
can be a killer in a PPR league. I’m hoping I get lucky with Cooks, Corey Davis
or Robby Anderson. There was an early run on both defenses and kickers in this
league. I didn’t jump though on either Cheap
James Bradberry Jersey
, sticking to my plan. That may have hurt as
I’m a little worried about match-up problems with the two defenses I selected,
one being Carolina. I mean I love my Panthers, but hell we play some high
powered offenses this season. Back to the quarterback position, my final dilemma
was then getting stuck with Dak Prescott as my fill-in until Wentz is ready,
which includes our season opener. No way I ever play Prescott against our
defense...of course, now that I think of it, it would all but guarantee a
Panthers win given my jinx factor. So then with my last pick I grab a third
quarterback which is unheard of but hell I have to play someone week one that
isn’t playing our defense. Case Keenum it is... I’m going to have hell to pay
defending my CSR 1 crown. Or maybe I should have some faith in the my ability to
pick good players. LOL!Here are the final draft grades: This column was started
with the intent of highlighting the worst kind of coaching that has haunted Ron
Rivera’s tenure with the Carolina Panthers: the aggressively conservative
decision making masked as “playing not to lose.” The Panthers’ Week 2 loss to
the Falcons actually featured the opposite to that, so today we salute Rivera
for making the right decisions — even if they weren’t enough in the end. All
we’ve ever asked is that he try.Last year, in a Week 3 loss to the
Saints Cheap
Cam Newton Jersey
, the Panthers lined up Michael Palardy to punt
the ball on a 4th and 5 fr om the Saints’ 35 yard line. At the time, the Panthers
were trailing by 18 points. We started this column this year because I am,
apparently, still mad about that play and the similar decisions that Rivera has
made in similar situations before and since — in spite of his once-earned
reputation as a “riverboat gambler.”The Panthers found themselves in two
situations on Sunday where the safe bet would have been on another Palardy punt.
Instead, Rivera made the wise choice both times and kept his team competitive in
what would turn out to be a close game.On the opening drive, Cam Newton and the
offense stalled out. Graham Gano was sent out to kick a field goal on a 4th and
3 from the Falcons’ 36 yard line. Technically, a field goal is the safe call
there. A more aggressive coach might have called on the best short yardage back
in the league, Newton, to get those three yards and keep the drive alive. Bet
let’s give credit wh ere it is due for clearing the bar set last season: the
Panthers didn’t punt. Huzzah.Early in the second quarter Cheap DJ
Moore Jersey
, the Panthers were stopped to set up a 4th and 4 from
the Falcons’ 33 yard line. This time they went for it and Newton performed his
standard magic to convert the first down. This is the much discussed play that
saw Damontae Kazee ejected from the game for one of the dirtiest and dumbest
hits I’ve ever witnessed. This play also set up the Panthers first touchdown of
the game.What was the difference in those two, largely identical downs and
distances on essentially the same part of the field? I don’t know. I can’t tell
you if there was a consistent decision making process that ended the one drive
in a field goal attempt and let the other stay alive for a touchdown. I can tell
you that I was happy to see the Panthers consistently not punt in those
situations. I don’t know what it is supposed to look like when a turtle comes
out of its shell, but I can tell you that kind of naked certainly suited Rivera
on Sunday. The Panthers ultimately lost that game by a single touchdown. This
week’s post-game analysis would have been decidedly less optimistic without the
10 points they earned by trying to win the game in the first half. Kudos, Ron,
and keep it up. I’d love to cancel this column.
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